Synthetic Noise Music

"Carey's sounds are deep, alive, and present, and despite their customized instrument/presentation being grounded in the digital realm, sounds so life-like and present one can feel a slithery long arm reaching out of the speaker and gently stroking your spine with a poisoned feather tip is the overall vibe of the sound. VISCERAL and R E A L, containing all what so many lack, 'Zero Player Game' pulls no punches that operate outside of it's own chaotic, but idiosyncratic structure and form and is in solid control of its own sonic destiny."
Decaycast on 'Zero Player Game' (2018)
"This is music by and for machines. There is an organic directness about its construction. It appears to synch with no beat, no time signature, no build and release, no harmony, no melody, no pure effects, no distortion — no humanity."
Issues Magazine on 'Zero Player Game' (2018)
"Like Author and Punisher's little gamer brother, he rips extreme digital noise with a weird-ass rig commanded by pads, boards and a joystick. At least a few nerds probably just wet their pants right now. It’s the sonic manifestation of cyborg warfare. Add a severe lighting array of all-white strobes and LEDs and this crazy shit becomes a full-sensory assault. Seriously, it's insane."
Orlando Weekly concert review (January 2016)
"He's acting on raw instinct here - he refuses the clinical approach to programming software or composing music, and strives to throw himself bodily at his machines, replacing all mechanical moving parts with human flesh, blood, and bone. In pursuit of this all-organic goal, virtually everything else is jettisoned, starting with recognisable notes or melody."
Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector on "Impulse" (2010)
"'I like all kinds of music.' Oh, do you? [...] Carey is not trying to make a hit, and we're not hoping to hear one. [3:30] is 22 minutes of roar and boom. [...] Now that's what I call music."
A Closer Listen on '3:30' (2013)
"Oh yeah. Oh very yeah. [...] his debut full-length CD and it's pure dynamite."
Monsieur Delire on "Interrupt-Decay" (2012)
"... the sound particle split into whining leptons, whispering quarks and flashing Higgs bosons [...]"
Bad Alchemy on "Interrupt-Decay" (2012)
"Fractured and malicious, this music is physical."
Essmaa on "Interrupt-Decay" (2012)